Travelling for many people is a great passion that exposes them to new experiences and cultures which in the end makes the world a better and more tolerant place. Among the most popular destinations in the world today, Italy comes top of the list for a wide range of reasons. While people that have visited the place keep wishing they could go back over and over again, the ones that have not been there, on the other hand, are already planning to do so. Italy has much to offer to its visitors regarding great beaches, amazing museums, ancient ruins, exciting cities, mountain soaring as well as beautiful natural scenery. Discussed below are some of the leading reasons why Italy is a dream destination for very many people in the world today.

Rome is among the unique cities in the world today that is uniquely balancing between keeping its historical monuments and being a modern city in the 21st century. It has a vast archaeological dig which continues to boast of its 2800 years of existence, and it has also managed to preserve the culture and history of its 2.8 million people as well. A walk through the Roman Forum and  the colosseum in Rome gives brings back the history of the ruling of famous Roman leaders such as Julius Caesar, Nero as well as Romulus among many others. It is a perfect destination for people that love great food and gelato, museums and history as well as culture, historical monuments, architecture and shopping.

One funny thing about Venice is that it bears the worst description of occasional floods, sinking into the lagoons and some smells but amazingly stills stands out globally and attracts worldwide tourists. Everyone seems to be on the rush to visit the city before it becomes history by disappearing into the Adriatic and people can only read it in books by then. It boasts of the Grand Canyon and also has the best plaza at the train station into the land as well. It is also known for great churches and museums, inexplicable seafood as well as exciting shopping centres.

It is another Romanian destination that one cannot afford to miss out on or ignore. It comprises of fantastic art, some of the world's finest museums which are Uffizi and the Galleria dell' Accademia as well as architecture. Get more information about Italy tours and the sites in Rome at